Do your employees like to use the same smart devices they use for business for socializing and recreation? The answer is “Yes”! It doesn’t matter who owns the device, the popularity of Smart Phones and Tablets is because of their connectivity, user experience and entire spectrum of Apps, right from games, media, social to business Apps.

1Mobility platform allows you to define policies that can be applied conditionally; either when connected to corporate network, or while accessing enterprise Apps or enterprise data.

We just introduced a new solution using which you can define policies based on the time of the day and day of week. So during work hours, you may restrict Apps, device features, apply higher security restrictions and achieve productivity and keep your data secure. After work hours, some of the policies could be eased. This brings a perfect balance between productivity, security, privacy, and employee satisfaction.

Our platform allows you to define priorities for various conditional policies. Higher priority policies are applied in case multiple fences are applicable at the same time. Once defined, administrators can relax and 1Mobility takes care of the compliances of corporate network, your remote staff as well as security and privacy of their data.

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