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Rational Solution: Time Based Security Policies for Smart Devices

Rational Solution: Time Based Security Policies for Smart Devices

Do your employees like to use the same smart devices they use for business for socializing and recreation? The answer is “Yes”! It doesn’t matter who owns the device, the popularity of Smart Phones and Tablets is because of their connectivity, user… read more

Enterprises are migrating corporate devices from BlackBerry to Android … are you one of them?

BlackBerry, a pioneer in smartphone market, was a popular device among enterprises. The platform is well integrated with email systems and provides secure hardware. Though it was accepted as the de facto device in the enterprise world, has recently seen… read more

It’s 3 a.m. on a Friday night – Do you know where your company data is?

So you’ve decided to be a good boss and let your employees bring their own phone devices to work, download files and data and head home for a long weekend. While they’re at a party, you tumble and toss wondering whether your company information is… read more

BYOD Policies Boost Employee Productivity

Did you know that given the choice of using a personal device for work, surveys reveal that “employees can work an average of 240 more hours per year under BYOD.” That’s the equivalent of 10 working days, according to PC World’s article, “Tak… read more

1Mobility at International Security Conference in Goa

Security of information was the hot topic of discussion at the second annual International Security Conference held this Feb 27-March 2013, in Goa, India and 1Mobility developed by Smartsourcing Global was part of the showcase of vendors and exhibitors. read more

1Mobility – A customized and smart Mobile Management solution

With the revolutionary use of mobile devices, there has also been a significant increase in the use of mobile apps for business communication and transaction from any location. Those who apply it know there’s nothing like having information and data in… read more

1Mobility at Mobile World India 2013

A grand Mobile World India event organized by Silicon India was held on 16th February, 2013 at Bangalore.  Mobile industry’s highly experienced technologists, entrepreneurs, mobile strategists, mobile applications designers and developers along wit… read more

BYOD – A Work Trend That Does Not Refer To Drinks

If you create it, they will use it. That’s pretty much been the case with smartphones. Smartphones are everywhere, not only the techno-savvy young generation use it, but the elderly generation also loves to have a trendy smartphone. A surprising increas… read more

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