Recent Projects

Show a little sampling of the portfolio items

Show off the recent content from your portfolio with this handy shortcode. Customize it with all the available options — filter by categories, choose the number of portfolio items to display, and show or hide the read more link.


img Recent Projects

YouTube Portfolio Item

Pax's portfolios come with YouTube support. Click the image above and a lightbox video popup will appear.

img Recent Projects

Vimeo Portfolio Item

Vimeo videos are also supported. Click the image above to see a video from the service in a lightbox popup.

img Recent Projects

Incredible Dance Moves

This area can be fully customized with any content and shortcodes you like - lists, buttons, social sharing, ...

The Code

[recent_projects categories="Standard Items"]

The Options

  • num_posts – the number of posts to display
  • categories – which post categories to display
  • read_more – whether to show the read more link
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