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Mobility Adoption has Transformed the Microfinance Industry

Adoption of mobility has delivered tremendous productivity benefits to Microfinance Industry and has helped coping u…

Take the first step towards securing mobility, there is cost of doing nothing!

  Enterprise mobility is a great boost for productivity, enabling employees to access information, emails and…

7 Policy Decisions that are Key to the Success of your BYOD Initiative

  While you plan the technology infrastructure and apps for your enterprise mobility rollout, it’s also…

The Code

[recent_posts num_posts="3" categories="Awesome, Kitties" show_image="true" order="desc"]

The Options

  • num_posts – the number of posts to display
  • show_image – whether to show the featured image thumbnail
  • categories – which post categories to display
  • order – ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’
  • orderby – the property to order the posts by
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