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What is 1Mobility

Mobility strategy has become a global, a critical and an inevitable need for businesses of all sizes.
Whether you procure and distribute corporate mobile devices or allow employees to bring their own devices (BYOD), security, configuration and management of heterogeneous devices becomes a challenge.

…So many devices, just 1Mobility!
Build and extend mobility strategy.
Embrace BYOD trend.
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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile device management is the first step towards Enterprise Mobility and BYOD management.

1Mobility helps secure, monitor, manage and support heterogeneous mobile devices and provides over-the-air distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

Administrators define security policies and configurations, known as “Profiles”, specific to device types(iOS, Android), ownerships (corporate owned or employee owned), location and group.
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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Market Trends show that people are investing in latest mobile devices, devices which are highly equipped with the latest technology lead to better performance, optimized user experience, ease of work and better productivity.

BYOD saves the employees from the hassle of carrying two devices personal and official. Personal phone usually has latest features as compared to the work phone procured by the organization. Ease of use for the employee, as it’s their personal device and they can use the device in the most efficient manner and don’t have to be trained for any new platforms. BYOD brings improved productivity and above all greater job satisfaction.
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Email Management Videos

Email Management

1Mobility provides you with an easy to use web console to configure email profiles, settings, certificates, SSL security and compliance policies. Email profiles and settings can be configured for specific groups or locations or even for an individual user. You can deliver email profiles and settings Over-The-Air with a click of a button.

Using 1Mobility, you are enabled to real-time push Emails, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks directly onto phones and tablets from Microsoft exchange 2003, 2007, or 2010, IBM Lotus, Hotmail, Windows Live, Zimbra, Gmail, and Google Apps servers.
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Apps Management

Mobile Apps are the most valuable offering of the smart devices. These Apps help enterprises to increase the productivity, enable secure access to corporate assets as well as help automate and ease the business processes.

Over-the-Air distribution of Apps whether to an individual device or to a group or a location is possible with a click of a button. Our advanced Apps management services allow you to volume purchase licenses and distributes those as well as keep track of them.
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1Mobility Mobile Expense Management

We offer a sophisticated Mobile Expense Management system, designed with advanced ETL tools for extracting data from complex carrier PDF mobile bills.
Our state-of-the art engine is capable of recognizing reoccurring patterns of data layout, formatting, and content thus identifying fields and records to be extracted automatically. The platform is scalable and can process telecom bills of thousands of wireless numbers (line).
Using our tool you can upload your monthly corporate bill in PDF format and our state of the art custom technology takes care of slicing and dicing the data that brings you great business intelligence reports.
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1Mobility Compliance Management

1Mobility offers a platform to define detailed security policies and actions against violation of these policies. IT administrators are able to define custom compliances based on groups, locations, ownership of the devices, platform and model of the devices.
Compliance rule may contain one or more security policy checks including Blacklisted or recommended Apps, Compromised status, Model, OS version, Passcode policies, Roaming status and Heartbeat of the devices.
In case of employee owned devices compliances are checked without exposing personal Apps or data. The compliance management offering of 1Mobility brings control and automation of policy enforcement, making IT administrators efficient and effective in managing the risk of mobile devices.
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