Mobile Threat Management

Threat Detection

  • Proactive threat detection eliminates the vulnerabilities due to mobile malware on corporate or employee owned devices
  • Safely and securely enable data on both BYOD and Corporate-owned devices and mitigate risk of data leakage
  • Detection Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA)
  • Malware signature database is highly up-to-date and continually updated
  • Detect apps, documents, downloads and other content with malware
  • Real-time monitoring, scans and detection of threats
  • Device is marked non-compliant until the threats are fully addressed

MTM.Configurations Mobile Threat Management

Compliance Rules & Reports

MTM.Reports Mobile Threat Management
  • Compliance module allows automating remediation actions including but not limited to
  • Alert user and/or Admin
  • Heal the infected content or Apps
  • Restrict access to the Enterprise Apps (Containers)
  • For severe threats, delete the corporate data or even de-enroll device
  • Review audit history of malware detection events
  • Review the threat data of each scan
  • The threat reports provide granular data
  • Type (App/File/SD Card/USB Mount)
  • Source (Path of the app/file/SD Card/USB Mount)
  • Detected At
  • Threat Type (Virus/Adware/Security Type)
  • Threat Name (Eicar/Trojan)
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