Mobile Apps Management

Application Distribution

  • Distribute managed (enterprise) apps and updates OTA without user interaction.
  • Integrate directly with public app stores, like Apple, Google Play to provide public apps.
  • Integrate with Apple’s Volume Purchase Program to purchase business apps.
  • Secure distribution of apps based on groups with unique requirements and access.
  • Provide an enterprise app catalog where users can view, install and update apps

MAM.Application.Distrbution Mobile Apps Management

Application Security

MAM.Application.Security Mobile Apps Management
  • Authenticate users before allowing them to view and download enterprise apps
  • Secure access to the enterprise app catalog based on user group and location
  • Restrict native apps on a device and whitelist/blacklist publicly available apps
  • Monitor and enforce device compliance with corporate application policies

Application Tracking

  • Track and view installed/approved/rogue applications at the device/user level
  • Receive instant alerts when an end user has installed an unapproved app
  • Generate application inventory, version history, and compliance reports
  • Restrict apps based on the Geofence to increase productivity of end users
MAM.Application.Tracking Mobile Apps Management

Application Management

MAM.Application.Management Mobile Apps Management
  • Configure corporate policies for public apps using whitelists and blacklists
    • Install, update and remove managed apps from a device remotely
    • Disable access to corporate apps if an end user leaves or loses their device

    Integration with Apple’s Volume Purchase Program

    • Monitor licenses purchased, redeemed and remaining for each order
    • Upload, store and distribute redemption codes to authorized users
    • Confirm the redemption of codes and successful installation of apps
    MAM.Integration.with .Apple .Volume.Purchase.Program Mobile Apps Management

    Enterprise App Container

    MAM.Enterprise.App .Container Mobile Apps Management
    • Enforce passcode policy for enterprise app access.
    • Integrate authentication with LDAP.
    • Isolate corporate data.
    • Data loss prevention (DLP) for Data at rest (DAR) and data in motion.
    • Easy, consistent and comprehensive solution to secure the data at rest and in motion.
    • Single sign-on




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