Compliance Monitoring

Policy Setup

  • Compliance rules based on

    • Ownership (Employee Owned or Corporate Owned)
    • Platform (Android, iOS, Windows)
    • Group and location of the users
  • Automated compliance monitoring at the set intervals
  • Automated actions when a device is detected non-compliant

    • Notify user and / or admin
    • Delete corporate data
    • De-enroll the device
  • Compliances can be set to be checked on

    • Enrollment
    • Entering the corporate network¬† or geo-fence
    • Scheduled intervals

Compliance.Monitoring.General Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Rules

Compliance.Monitoring.Rules  Compliance Monitoring

Policies can be defined for various criteria

  • Passcode
  • Apps (Blacklisted / Recommended Apps)
  • Jailbroken / Rooted Status
  • OS version
  • Manufacturer
  • Roaming Status
  • Heartbeat /Last seen
  • SIM Card Change/Last seen

Alerts & Reports

  • Administrators are informed of non-compliance proactively
  • Dashboard displays alerts about non-compliant devices
  • Compliance reports can be queried for

    • Last run or custom intervals
    • Non-compliant devices
    • Any actions taken due to non-compliant status
  • All the sections displaying device information indicate the compliant status
Compliance.Monitoring.Reports Compliance Monitoring


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