So you’ve decided to be a good boss and let your employees bring their own phone devices to work, download files and data and head home for a long weekend.

While they’re at a party, you tumble and toss wondering whether your company information is secure. You wonder if Dave, the forgetful employee, left his cell phone on the subway, or Amy, who can’t keep herself organized enough, swaps everything out of her handbag.

It’s understandable to worry. Cell phones are lost at airports, forgotten in restrooms, left on park benches, in coffee shops, cafes – even the roof of your car – so basically anywhere, anytime losing a phone is a plausibility.

In 2011 alone, Americans lost nearly $30 billion worth of phones, based on data from users who downloaded a smartphone app, according to a USA Today article.

San Franciscans and New Yorkers lose their phones three times more often than Chicagoans,” the article stated. “Top five cities in the U.S. for phone loss during 2011 were Philadelphia, Seattle, Oakland, Long Beach and Newark.”

That gives you plenty of reason for concern, especially if you have a BYOD policy in place for employees. What if human error puts your company data in the wrong hands? And while it seems that a lot of cell phones do get returned to happy owners, sometimes the delay in return is enough cause for worry. What if your company is based in Atlanta, but your communications director spent his long weekend in Chicago? It could take time for a good samaritan to mail in the phone to its rightful owner.

The good news is that you can get your sleepless nights back with 1Mobility, an enterprise mobile management solution that can help you find solutions to any BYOD concerns. We’re even willing to give you a free demonstration of our product and its features. Now that’s something to sleep well on.