Did you know that given the choice of using a personal device for work, surveys reveal that “employees can work an average of 240 more hours per year under BYOD.” That’s the equivalent of 10 working days, according to PC World’s article, “Take Advantage of BYOD without Sacrificing Security.” That’s good news for companies that are already seeing a nationwide trend in BYOD, a trend supported by Gartner research, a leading information technology research and advisory company. But, to truly take advantage of BYOD, some studies reveal that companies need to go all in.

70% of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices by 2018.” — Gartner
A Cisco consulting study, of 600 business and IT leaders, shows a productivity comparison between companies that have a basic BYOD policy in place versus a comprehensive BYOD policy, with the latter giving companies a boost of $300 to $1,300 per employee, given the employee’s job role in the company. Also among respondents, the top two benefits of BYOD were “improved employee productivity – more opportunities to collaborate – and greater job satisfaction.”

“When companies go all in on BYOD, however, they’re more likely to develop “a more strategic approach to the way they provision devices, provide IT support, and develop mobile policies.” – CITEWORLD
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