August 2017

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7 Policy Decisions that are Key to the Success of your BYOD Initiative

  While you plan the technology infrastructure and apps for your enterprise mobility rollout, it’s also essential to define the right policies to ensure data security, employee privacy and good governance.      Here’s a list of the key policy questions that you should consider 1. What are the acceptable uses of the mobile device and what are the consequences of violation? read more

Empowering Your Enterprise with the Right Mobile Apps

    The Apps available to users are at the core of the enterprise mobility program, and determine its effectiveness. There are a number of factors that need to be considered to define what the Apps should do, and how to build or buy them. Let us see what goes into the selection of Apps for the enterprise. Which workflows need to be enabled on mobile devices? Enterprise systems such as… read more

9 Key Aspects of Selecting Devices for Enterprise Mobility

Mobile devices are right at the heart of an enterprise mobility initiative, so it’s important to select them correctly. There is a plethora of options, especially on the Android platform, and selecting correctly will impact the ROI of the mobility project. An unsuitable or substandard device can lead to Loss of productivity, defeating the entire purpose of enterprise mobility Frustration among… read more

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