With the revolutionary use of mobile devices, there has also been a significant increase in the use of mobile apps for business communication and transaction from any location. Those who apply it know there’s nothing like having information and data in your hands at any moment. Market research firm Gartner has projected that in this year alone, mobile users will pay more than $6.2 billion to buy various mobile applications such as games, social networking tools, and productivity programs etc. for mobile phones. Several surveys also imply that mobile internet usage will soon leave behind desktop computers.

This inevitable change highlights the importance and need for an effective mobile security strategy, a dilemma that many businesses increasingly find themselves in especially as more employees are allowed to use either their personal or company-given devices for business transactions and communication.

While the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon has allowed employees the flexibility and ease in work, for corporations, it poses a day-to-day grueling challenge in the security, configuration and management of the business information downloaded to these devices. There is always the risk of loss or theft of a device, or misuse of information.

Finding an all-encompassing security system can be an expensive and time-consuming effort for some corporations. This is where 1Mobility, a comprehensive, customized; ready-to-go mobile management solution comes in.

  • 1Mobility is a cloud-based multi-tenant application that supports localization, white labeling (a company can put its own brand and identity on the security system) and on-premise hosting or private installation of the product.
  • The system offers device management, security and compliance configuration, distribution of email, apps and data and monitoring and reporting.
  • Unlike a ‘one system fits all’ strategy, 1Mobility can also be customized to a business’ size, its needs, goals and preferences.

By abridging the complexities of mobility strategy management, and by protecting business data and privacy, 1Mobility is simply a smart Enterprise Mobility Management Solution in the real world. To learn more about this business management solution, contact us for a demonstration.