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Show off the recent content from your blog with this handy shortcode. Customize it with all the available options — filter by categories, choose the number of posts to display, set the order behavior, and more…


Empowering Your Enterprise with the Right Mobile Apps

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9 Key Aspects of Selecting Devices for Enterprise Mobility

Mobile devices are right at the heart of an enterprise mobility initiative, so it’s important to select them…

Enterprise Mobility? Answer These 5 Most Important Questions for a Successful Rollout

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The Code

[recent_posts num_posts="3" categories="Awesome, Kitties" show_image="true" order="desc"]

The Options

  • num_posts – the number of posts to display
  • show_image – whether to show the featured image thumbnail
  • categories – which post categories to display
  • order – ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’
  • orderby – the property to order the posts by
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